2021 Winter shelter

We are starting a fundraiser!

The harsh Romanian winter is coming and the growing number of cats can no longer fit into the house. The cost of a shelter that would protect all of the cats from the elements has been estimated at at least $9000. But this money does not exist; even daily food and health needs are hard to cover.

Help us build a proper shelter before the winter comes. Your donations will make a difference in the life of many souls.

Update - Sep 3, 2021

The plans for the shelter extension (32x20ft) have been submitted and are pending approval. Work for the foundation is about to start!

The soil is sandy so a lot of concrete and rebar is needed. Approximately 700 cubic ft of concrete cost over $1000 and overall the foundation is expected to amount to over $2000.

There will be a large terracotta stove on the wall adjacent to the house, to heat the extension. Work will ideally end before December. All thanks to your generosity! Please keep spreading the word.

Update Sep 15, 2021

Digging for the foundation is in progress while still waiting for the construction plans to be approved. As soon as that happens concrete pouring will start.

Update Oct 19, 2021

The updated construction estimate is prohibitively expensive mostly due to pandemic-induced construction material price hikes and high labor costs. Combined with the slow progress of the fundraisers this made us put the work on hold. Instead we're investigating the option of purchasing the adjacent property for about half the cost - negotiations are in progress.

Update Feb 26, 2021

It has been a busy period for Remus and Simona at the cat sanctuary. Here's some updates:

Due to exploding costs of construction materials, and delays in obtaining necessary permits (supply chain issues and bureaucracy happen everywhere in the world...) a part of your generous donations has been put to a different use - still in the service of the animals.

A sturdy fence has been built, preventing the occasional escapes of cats into the dog enclosure and into the outside world.

The existing house has been better insulated and it has a new floor that's much easier to clean and disinfect. Cleanliness is of outmost importance, since any disease outbreak can easily spread.

The heat source - a terracotta oven - has been rebuilt and it keeps cats toasty. It is a crowded but safe environment for this winter, which thankfully has been a bit milder than expected.