Rescuing Cats and Dogs

in Romania

We are two siblings who rescue cats and dogs from the streets of Carei and surrounding towns in Romania.

We give them love and shelter, veterinary care, spay/neuter them and try to give them a better life.

Right now we have more then 300 cats and 15 dogs, it's very hard and many times overwhelming to take care of so many just from our own earnings, that's why we need your help, because everyday we get calls about abandoned cats and we want to help all those who need it.

We did this from our own pocket for 3 years but it got to a point where we just didn't earn enough to take care of so many. Now we get a few donations but it's less then 10% of the costs for food, medicines and so many more things that ill and injured animals need.

With the help from our volunteers we're active on several social media channels:

Please consider a small donation or a Patreon monthly subscription so that we can continue to help those who no one else helps.



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